Now offering multi-shirt orders (as long as you don't order like 15 shirts at once). Please click here for any questions related to the shirts or an order.

FAQ and Contact


NEW - I can now support multiple shirt orders per customer. Before that wasn't an option but I got larger polymailers and can stuff multiple shirts in there without significantly adding package weight (which was previously an issue because it would fuck up the shipping cost calculations). Just don't order more than like 7 or 8 shirts at once (not that I think anyone would, but just in case). 

Can't select a certain size or variant? It's out of stock. I'm working on fixing the theme so it lets you know when specific sizes are out of stock rather than just how it is now, where it only says that if I'm sold out of everything. 

Didn't get the confirmation email? Check your spam folder. 

Wondering when something ships? Usually same day or the day after unless I'm out of town. 

Everything ships from Brooklyn, NY. 

The default shipping option is First Class Package Service from the US Postal Service. Please note that this doesn't come with insurance or Signature Confirmation by default. If they lose the package or someone steals your shit off the porch we're both shit out of luck. Right now I'm just resending shirts out of pocket if they get lost so no one feels like they got fucked over, but that's not sustainable long term. 

Any order questions or inquiries, the best/fastest way to get in contact with me is DMing me on either instagram (mulldogforever) or twitter (nickmullen). You can also email You can speed things up by including your order number in your message or email. I get a lot of DMs so sometimes messages get buried real quick, but just keep trying. If you can find your order confirmation email and respond directly to that, it would also be helpful (reminder: its often in your spam folder.

I've had a couple of shirts get returned undeliverable due to an insufficient address. Shopify catches some invalid addresses but I've been printing the labels anyways and sending them out. The couple that have come back; I've tried to email customers but often everything just gets sent to spam (again, please check your spam folder). For now I'm just going to refund these orders and restock the item, and I'll send another email when I do. 

Ultimately I'm still figuring this out but I'm making sure no one gets fucked over. If your shit is lost or stolen or doesn't show up on time or you hate the shirt, I'll refund you or replace it, but that entitles me to bitch at you via DM/email about Shopify's features and how annoying running a small business is. I think that's fair.