I've tried to address as many common questions as possible here. If I'm missing something, feel free to reach out on Instagram or Twitter.

Q: How are the shirts made? Are they screen printed or direct-to-garment? What blanks are you using? What is the quality like? 

A: All of the shirts are screen printed on Next Level cotton crews. The specific Next Level style is "3600" if you want to look it up.

All of the shirts are sent to me before I send them out, so they're "inspected for quality" to the extent that I'm happy with them and I think they look good – certainly better than the ones that were being sent out when I was using drop-shipping.

All of the shirts are now sent out directly from the print shop. After processing a couple thousand orders myself, I'm happy with the consistency of their work and trust them to send out something that looks good. 

Q: I'm worried the shirt won't fit, is there a sizing guide? 

A: Yup. Here ya go: Next Level Sizing Guide. The relevant "style" if you scroll down is #3600. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Generally, all sales are final, but in practice I'm willing to exchange things or just refund your money if you're not happy with the shirt. Because this operation is just me for the time being, I'm still figuring these things out. There hasn't been a sale yet where I haven't been able to either give someone their money back or send the right shirt out (if something got mixed up in the process or USPS fucked up or whatever). 

Q: Speaking of USPS, how is shipping handled and calculated? Do you ship internationally?

A: Shopify let me set up the shipping in a way where it's calculated at checkout. So yes, I'll ship anywhere, but you're the one paying for shipping. For now it's mostly entirely handled by USPS with one UPS option, but I'm looking into adding DHL for international shipping. Someone told me that's better. But, as it stands, it's just USPS. For most domestic shipping a single shirt comes out to about $3.50. There are no "handling" charges. Obviously the more shirts you order the more economical it is, overall. The problem with USPS is that they offer 109340293480239 different shipping options with slightly different rules and benefits to each. Anything labeled "priority" has some kind of insurance on it, so if you're worried about the mailman stealing your package, you should select that. For the most part, First Class Parcel will be enough. 

Q: But my shit never showed up?

Make sure to check your email for confirmation of your order, as it will include the USPS tracking number. Often these emails get sent to spam, or you just didn't put an email in when you checked out. If you provided a phone number, the system is supposed to text you, but I'm not sure if that's working either. The best option is to hit me up on Instagram or Twitter, or email support@merchnow.com. Keep in mind, I get a lot of messages, and if I don't answer you within 4-6 hours feel free to just keep messaging me or try again.

A helpful thing is to make sure your last message to me (if you've sent me multiple DMs) includes "my shirt never came" or "my order is fucked" or something so that I see it when I scroll through DMs looking for order issues. There's been a couple instances where I've missed things because people ended their message with "I fuck my dad" and that's all I saw in the message preview and didn't think to click on it right away. 

Either way, I will get back to you and get things figured out one-on-one. Just be persistent and make sure to get my attention. 

Q: My shirt never came and it looks like you refunded me? 

I've been having an issue where an order will come in and someone has clearly left off an apartment number or other important information from their address. Initially I will try to email people with the contact they provided to get the correct address, but often this just goes to spam. At that point I have to decide whether to send the shirt out with the bad address or just refund the order. If you left your apartment number off and it looks like you live in a fancy building, I'll send it out anyways and hope that your doorman gets it to you. 

Sometimes though I miss these bad addresses when they go out, and the shirt is returned to me and marked undeliverable by the post office. I've sat on these orders and tried numerous times to contact people and I don't hear back. I'm assuming its because all my emails just go to people's spam folders. So, for now, if an order is returned to me undeliverable, I will just refund the price of the shirt and restock the item. 

I'd prefer not to do it this way because some shirts sell out pretty quick and if you got one and then it was returned, there's a chance it'll be out of stock by the time you noticed it got stocked back in. So please make sure your address is correct when you place your order.

Q: So when will [x] be back in stock anyways? Can I pre-order?

Currently I don't know how to set up any way in which people can pre-order shirts. It's first come first serve. 

When shirts sell out, I start to get the next order ready. Right now I've been doing one big order a month. The Richard Gere shirts sold out within an hour and a half. I didn't think they would move that quick. A lot of things I just created product pages for and haven't even received the shirts yet. These items are labelled "coming soon." Usually sold out items and coming soon items will be restocked at the same time, and right now it's variable. If you want to submit your email on the newsletter page, I'll try to figure out a better way to send mass emails out and notify people of restocking/new shirts, but as it stands people are just watching the store like a hawk so whenever I stock things back in they start selling pretty quick. 

Q: So what about "Limited Run" shirts? Are those just bad ideas?

In a word, yes. Either they don't sell particularly well or I don't like them anymore Space in my apartment is limited, and I can't hold too much extraneous inventory. I like the idea of only offering certain shirts for a specific amount of time, and then retiring them. But for now, anything labelled Limited Run is something I'm trying to get rid of and I'm not going to restock. 

This is a work in progress, thank you for beholding my journey. 

Q: I live in Brooklyn, can I just buy a shirt from you at funny moms? 

Yes. This is an option now. I can do cash and card sales and I'm going to try this out soon. The way I have it set up now, it'll pull from the same inventory I have on the website. So if something is out of stock online, it'll be out of stock in person. But I might change that, as The Stand wants to start doing shirt pop ups. In the future I might have "pop up only" exclusives as well as separate inventory to encourage people to come out to shows/cross promotion. 

Q: Wait I'm buying a shirt in person and you're making me pay sales tax on it? Are you gay or retarded?

Yes to both. Taxes are a civic responsibility. 


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